Sunday, July 20, 2014

21 Things...

In honor of Jeremy's triplicated 21st, I thought I would share 21 things I love about him:

1. He wakes not with a bang, but with a smile. He doesn't scream for us to come get him, rather he lays there, plays with his feet, and babbles.

2. The way he laughs is infectious. You cannot possibly be in a bad mood when you hear him laugh, with his whole body not just his face.

3. He loves to lay on the floor and kick his feet froggy style while flapping his arms like a bird.

4. The way his hands still confuse him. He stares at his hands and turns them all around like he just can't believe he controls those things!

5. The way he literally shovels food in his mouth. I watched this kiddo put fistfuls of popcorn in his mouth the other day! How does he do this?

6. The "Walter" face he makes. Even though it is because he is sad, it is still the funniest face I have ever seen. (Walter is a puppet Jeff Dunham owns)

7. How incredibly limber this kid is. I have never seen anything like it! He brings his toes to his mouth like its his second job!

8. His kisses. They are more like face bites with a lot of slobber, but I tell ya what, those kisses are the best!

9. The way he is "cuddle-sized." He is seriously 15 months old and wears 9-12 month clothing. I still can't find shoes that fit his tiny feet. I LOVE IT!

10. Everything stops for a milestone! I celebrated milestones with our other children, but his milestones are extra special for two reasons: it is the last time I will see one of my children accomplish a first, AND he works so hard to reach every milestone!

11. His tiny toes. They are seriously the cutest toes this side of the Mississippi.

12. When he lets me grab his hands and practice signs with him. He really looks like he is concentrating. Its as though he is thinking "I know this is important and I need to remember it."

13. His big, beautiful two-toned blue eyes. I have never seen eyes have two distinct variations of blue, but his do... and I'm kinda jealous I don't have something nearly as cool!

14. His CAVC repair scar. It reminds me how fragile life is, and reminds me to be thankful for great people who turn into great doctors and nurses that can fix big problems so little guys like him can continue to be in our lives.

15. The way he tries to turn his head in his car seat to look at me. He always tries to peer around the side and then meets me with a giant smile... it takes the road rage away!

16. The way he cries when he hears his PTs voice. It's kind of sad, but also makes me really proud because he recognizes and remembers that she causes him to work so hard!

17. The way he loves a noisy toy that he can sling back and forth. Currently it is his baby wipes package. The smile on his face and reckless abandon with which he slings...

18. The way he has given me a voice. I have always been quick to stand up and say whats on my mind, but usually that was it. Now I realize I have to fight to be heard when I disagree with something.

19. How relaxed he is. He is seriously the most relaxed baby ever. Its like he was born on a tropical island and all he needs to worry about is catching the next wave.

20. The way he pets animals. He actually really pets them. He doesn't grab at them, or pinch them, he just rubs his little hand down their fur coat. He loves it!

21. The community he has invited us to join. The Down syndrome community is small but reaches all over the globe. Without him I would have never known this existed!

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